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TFP shooting

I am open to cooperation with models (and not only) on TFP terms!

If you like my work and want to spend a creative shoot with me, please read the basic terms of cooperation.

I am a portrait photographer and on the terms of TFP I am looking for models-girls of interesting appearance mainly for shooting in the genre of Nudes and underwear.

If we have never worked together, then you should definitely send me your current photos. You don't have to send Studio snaps. It is enough to take a few full-length selfies in front of the mirror in good light, so that your figure is visible and send me a photo or video.

Also write a little about yourself, your interests, hobbies, activities. I have a lot of ideas and maybe we can pick up and reveal an interesting idea specifically for you. Perhaps there is some idea of your own that you want to implement - offer it. We will discuss it.

I won't describe what TFP is here. The Internet is full of information about this. I just want to remind you that this is the work, time and often material costs of all those who take part in the shooting. And it is good when work brings results. To avoid conflict situations in the future, be prepared to sign a model release. Also you are aware that the photo will be published for free access on the Internet on my personal website, in a variety of social services. social networks and photo resources.

Within a few days after shooting at the request of the model (because not everyone needs raw photos) I give all the original files without processing in (jpeg format). Processed photos are taken off as soon as they are ready gradually over a month or two, depending on the quantity and quality of the footage.

If you post a photo processed by me in the social network. please make sure to (!) mark me, at least on instagram in the form of a link @sergezhodik in the comment below the post. I will not explain why this is important, I just want to remind you that the copyright on the photo belongs to the photographer and I can make a request to delete the photo for their violation. Respect the work of others!

Conversely, I do not welcome marks on the photo without my or with your processing.

Send requests for shooting in any convenient way. You can use the feedback form below or write to me on social networks or messengers. I respond to messages in VK, instagram or telegram the fastest. You can find links to me in the contacts section.

See you on the set!