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Briefly about myself

Welcome to my website. There's some information about me here

My name is Serge, I'm a photographer from Minsk (Belarus).

I have a higher technical education, I used to work as an engineer. I am also engaged in web-programming. However, apart from technical abilities, I have always been attracted to something creative, photography in particular.

Firmly decided that it was time to start developing in this area, at the end of 2018 I bought my first DSLR camera (Canon 80D). In order to speed up the learning process, in early 2019 he completed a photography basics course. Started shooting a lot on TFP terms.

I'm in constant development, I can't stop learning something, both in terms of shooting and processing.

By now I have held dozens of different photo sessions in different genres both on TFP conditions and on commercial basis. The result of these works you can see on this site or in social networks.

In addition, at the moment I have all the necessary equipment to organize professional shooting almost anywhere.


My equipment:

  • Canon EOS R. camera;
  • Quality lenses: bright portrait and universal (zoom lenses);
  • Tripods, racks;
  • Different artificial light sources;
  • Reflectors, diffusers;
  • Synchronizers, adapter rings for macro photography, light filters and other equipment.